Project Description


To create a low impact, but powerful audio system to cover all parts of a reverberant room with clean, intelligible sound. 6 Meridian also needed a video system for slides and a confidence monitor setup to utilize the facility’s installed projectors and screens, as well as a video switching system to allow for hooking into facility projector feeds.


Despite the challenging acoustics of the room, Relevant Audio + Visual designed a system to minimize reverberation and provide high quality sound in the space. Relevant’s team of experts found an ideal audio solution with DAS Audio 8” Main Speakers, DAS Event 218a Subwoofers, combined with a Midas M32 audio console. In addition, Relevant Audio + Visual installed Renewed Vision Pro Presenter 6 for slide control, including clocks and slides on stage display, for which a 70” LED TV was utilized.


6 Meridian was thrilled with the crisp, clean sound Relevant Audio + Visual provided for their space. Speakers can be clearly heard from all parts of the room, and the top-quality video equipment provided by Relevant Audio + Visual helped take 6 Meridian’s shareholder meeting to the next level.


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